The siege of trojans. In anti-Salvini chats also Legnini, Salvini invokes Mattarella


There is still a fire that feeds the Palamara case. And that raises the League against the Democratic Party. A few days after the diffusion of the conversation between the Roman prosecutor, now suspended, and Paolo Auriemma, procurator of Viterbo, arrived. The object is always Matteo Salvini and the Diciotti case. In that case Palamara replied to the interlocutor – who told him not to see what Salvini was wrong about the affair – with a “you’re right, but now you have to attack him”. This time, however, the former vice president of the CSM, as well as a member of the Democratic Party, is called into question, Giovanni Legnini. La Verità publishes a short exchange between him and the prosecutor investigated in Perugia. Nothing criminally relevant, but these are messages that take on political relevance. Especially because they follow the diffusion from the other conversation slightly.

In the chats revealed today by the newspaper, Legnini asks the then CSM councilor to make a note on the story of Diciotti with some colleagues in a short time. We are in the summer of 2018 and the Italian military ship remains blocked for days in the Catania port with dozens of migrants on board. All this because Salvini, then Minister of the Interior, did not want to dispose of it. Palamara answers yes and with other colleagues prepares an act asking to put the issue on the agenda of the plenum. The vice-president of the CSM then intervenes and his statements go in the same direction as the note: simply a defense of the judiciary against the attacks he was undergoing for the decision, which would have arrived on 25 August 2018, to investigate Salvini for kidnapping. Messages, those that emerged today, that have thrown the Carroccio into turmoil, with Salvini asking (again) for Mattarella’s intervention and the League talking about “embarrassing revelations”. Legnini, for his part, emphasizes that those external statements were a due act: “It was a dutiful intervention, which falls within the competence of the CSM, carried out exclusively to protect the independence of the judiciary from other state powers, and which I would do exactly in the same terms because I have always fought to affirm the mutual spheres of autonomy between the judiciary and politics. The messages published today have nothing to do, therefore, with the Palamara affair ”. But to the Lega this clarification is not enough: “If Legnini, vice president of President Mattarella at the CSM, as emerges from the wiretapping, with unseen interference, encourages Palamara to support the investigation into Matteo Salvini regarding the Diciotti case and to deploy all the Csm against the then Minister of the Interior, it is clear that an intervention by the Head of State is immediately necessary “, is the note of the presidents of the Chamber and Senate of the League, Riccardo Molinari and Massimiliano Romeo.

Net of the controversy between the parties involved, those who assist the story from the outside see a scene of a piece that has already aired. Although this time the technology has made further progress. “If we had had a trojan available between ’92 and ’94, I really think we would have heard some good ones. In any case, today’s events are part of that same vein. Of a story that began in tragedy, which is ending a mediocre farce “. Fabrizio Cicchitto thus commenting with HuffPost, returning with his mind to Mani Pulite, the latest acts emerging from the Palamara case.

For Cicchitto, first socialist and then historical exponent of Forza Italia, he moved to the New center right and today president of Reformism and Freedom history repeats itself: “I do not agree with what the former Interior Minister says, but it seems to me that in this case political use of justice is being made. It is certainly not the first time. I give you four names, just to give you an idea: Bettino Craxi, Silvio Berlusconi, also Matteo Renzi, yes, and finally Matteo Salvini “.

A similar relief is also made by Maurizio Lupi, today a member of the mixed group, who in 2015 was forced to resign as Minister of Infrastructure of the Renzi government after an investigation –archived today, which has never seen him investigated – which involved some people from his dicastery. “I lived on my skin – he tells HuffPost – what it means to extrapolate interceptions, build on a media process and then, after years, find out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. And this is why, even in the Palamara case, I am against the indiscriminate spread of wiretapping. However, I find what is emerging of absolute gravity. ” Lupi refers to the comments that the suspended Roman prosecutor made on Salvini with Auriemma and continues: “From 1992 onwards, thanks to the weakness of politics, the bad habit of using investigations to curb opponents has made way. Yesterday as today, it often happens that we think of using investigations as a pretext to contrast another political party. ” And, he argues, this is one of the cases.

For the lawyer Grace Flight at the basis of everything, the crisis of the justice system and what emerged from the Perugia investigation, there is an “institutional illiteracy that terrifies me”. “It is very strange – he tells HuffPost – that a magistrate speaks on the phone freely, as Palamara did. This thing makes me think that there are those who, in that role, have an idea of ​​absolute immunity of his person “. Referring to the exchange between the former ANM president and Auriemma, he says: “Let’s clarify something. I don’t think Salvini did anything. The crime of kidnapping has a precise connotation and it seems to me that the extremes in this case are there. But I do not find it appropriate for a magistrate to speak in these terms. After all, however, perhaps it is a sign of the times, the judiciary is a rib of this society. And I believe that the whole society should rethink, as moderation and calmness, to recover the fundamental values ​​”.

On the spread of wiretapping, the lawyer comments: “The Trojan’s tool is invasive beyond all reasonable expectations. But, more generally, it would be appropriate to use wiretapping only for more serious cases and not to disseminate content that is not related to the hypothesis of crime. So it only gives rise to a morbid curiosity “.

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