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Luca Parmitano, commander of the International Space Station and Air Force officer with 25 years of service, has combined a nice mess. The thesis of having confused February with November, when he stated in two videos of his discovery of coronavirus, it seems not to hold up or at least is suspicious. This is the explanation that the Italian astronaut has provided to quench the controversies after the reconstruction, by Difesaonline, the military policy journalist site founded and directed by Andrea Cucco, who tracked down and discovered the double mistake.

Statements, those of Parmitano issued to Petroleum on Rai Uno e Tg 2 Stories, which however are in line with the information thatintelligence USA would have provided some governments well before January 2020, to doctors’ studies that talk about the COVID-19 in Italy as early as last October. A backdating of the outbreak of the pandemic would have repercussions on the responsibilities of the governments, including ours which, despite the fact that already on January 5 it addressed an internal circular to regions and ministries on the first “44 cases of Wuhan” and on January 20 it worked on secret files that hypothesized even 800 thousand deaths in Italy, until February 21 it did not actually take any measures , except for the state of emergency on January 31st. According to Parmitano the fault of the error is state of the calendar: “On board the ISS we do not use the calendar, but the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The year starts with day 1 and ends with day 365, and events are performed according to this schedule. Consequently, it is possible to confuse one month with another since we never refer to it, but we use the day UTC “.

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