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Do England suffer from the heat less than in Italy? Legitimate question after that the Premier, without many stories or exceptions, first set the date for the resumption of football on June 17 and then established the times of the competitions: at 1.30pm and 4pm on weekdays, at 1.00pm and 3.00pm on Sunday. With us, however, the starting time of the game and the consequent heat seem to have become an insurmountable problem at least as much as the Italian Cup datesto. I honestly believe that with this degree of quarrel Italian football (society, union, institutions) not only does not make a good impression, but you really risk compromising a restart that is increasingly necessary from both an economic and technical point of view.Damiano Tommasi, president of the Football Association (AIC), I think he is waging a rearguard battle that, beyond the football fan, could alienate many sympathies in his category. And if the players must be put in the best conditions in order to offer a worthy technical and competitive show, it should also be remembered that, for television or cassette reasons, the most important continental or world football events are played at times that no one dreams of contesting , despite the incongruity of the locations.

Without going back to Use ’94, World during which the races were held between midday (the Pasadena final, for example) and the afternoon (from 13 to 16), just remember the many afternoon matches of France ’98 and of Germany 2006. Yet in contexts in which a protest would have been more significant and more amplified, nobody said anything and the players were treated like football slaughter. Playing at 17 or 17.30 in June or July, leaving the majority of the games at 19.30 and 21.45, is neither outrageous nor impossible. Of course, it will be hot, but no more than you register now when you train in the morning or early afternoon. Indeed, if we really want to be precise, the heat that will suffer in training will be more incident than that with which you will measure yourself in the game.

Moreover, we are faced with an exceptional situation in which everyone must put something or give up something. Footballers want to be considered workers. They are, but the anomaly of their relationships, including the engagement figures, lead us to think that some sacrifices should be faced. Nothing different is asked from playing more frequently (once every three days) and even with some degree of temperature. Is all this demagogic? Many experts – including those we interviewed at Calciomercato.comthey predicted more muscle or other injuries. It is certain that it will happen. But are we really sure that giving space to some support or, finally, making some young people play is so bad?Everyone has a large squad and only the big ones have qualified it. But how many neglected talents can you hide on a long bench? So I wouldn’t demonize even the five changes. Indeed, if how, Tommasi thinks, the players must be preserved from the physical-athletic point of view, there is no better way to arrange at least two more changes than before. It is not contingency, but the need for modern football. We play more and more and at higher and higher rates. The spectators are demanding and the critics ruthless. Nobody – not even a defender – can think of being untouchable for 90 minutes. And changing almost half the team sometimes seems tactical, but it’s strategy.


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