The second wave of the coronavirus is a certainty. Brusaferro throws the bomb in the Chamber – Time


The second wave of the coronavirus “It is an objective fact,” said the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, in hearing in the Chamber of Deputies. “October is the month when respiratory diseases begin, it is no coincidence that we recommend the vaccine. The closer you get to this period, autumn, the closer you get to a second wave. We know that in autumn the possibility of transmission increases. , also because we are no longer outdoors “, warns Brusaferro who explains:” We find ourselves having passed the curve of peak of the infection and we are in the downward part, in a phase of control of the situation that requires particular attention, that is, the ability to identify suspected cases early, to diagnose them promptly, isolate them “.

For Brusaferro it is necessary “to put together monitoring and response capacity from the health point of view”. “With the coming week – he explained – we are facing an even more important challenge, given that the mobility between the regions and the international one will be liberalized, which requires an even more careful and precise ability to monitor the phenomena and respond where necessary. should verify cases or small outbreaks “..

Among the measures against the spread of SarsCovid2 also the Immuni app: “It is a tool that helps but it is not the magic solution”; said the president of the ISS to the deputies.

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