the second edition of the ICE call


The second edition of the Global Start Up Program is open to applications until 10 June. The call, organized by theICE agency – Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies and since Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is reserved for a maximum of 150 innovative Italian realities, committed to the development of product or service innovations, which intend to strengthen their technical, organizational and financial skills to face new markets. Innovative SMEs active in the sectors envisaged by the Global Start Up Program: ICT, Robotics and Industry 4.0, Aerospace, Automotive, Life Sciences, Smart agriculture and foodtech, Circular Economy, Smart cities and Domotics.

As specified on the ICE website, theadmission is free and the Agency “will bear the travel costs, the stay abroad, the acceleration path at the partner incubator and accident insurance”. The second edition of the Global Start Up Program offers participants an acceleration period abroad with the main international players for eight weeks between August and November. The startups and the selected SMEs will also have “the opportunity to interact with local systems to increase their professional development skills and interaction with potential foreign investors, with the – binding – condition that the participating companies undertake to maintain for a period at least 36 months in Italy the know-how or resources acquired during this process “.

In ban of the Global Start Up Program destination countries are listed (Argentina, China, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Japan, India, Israel, United Kingdom, United States of America). Once the startups have been selected, the start-up phase will be held in the ICE offices in Rome and Milan, with the possibility of participating via webinar. It will also be possible to participate in a two-day orientation path to focus on the country of destination and logistical and organizational information.

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