The Seals: “We are at the end of the pandemic. Coronavirus away before the vaccine”


We are in the Cesarini area, that is, in a terminal area of ​​the pandemic, our behaviors for this reason must be even more responsible to have a better development in the summer“. The professor. Francesco Le Foche, primary of immuno-infectious disease at the day hospital of the Policlinico Umberto I of Rome, sees evolution in an optimistic way. “The behavior of the Italians was perfect, beyond these movida that I think may affect very little the phase of the pandemic because most of the Italians have behaved admirably – he told ‘I Lunatici’ on Rai Radio 2 –. We need to give these kids credible and empathetic communication to get them into a mindset that is respectful of public health. We need the right behaviors, we must enter a new form of normality, in which civic education is applied and make sure that this very bad period passes. The picture seems to be absolutely comforting“.

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Le Foche: “Let’s not talk about social distance”

We need to talk about interpersonal but not social distance. Social distance must not exist. There is no confusion about these concepts. We need interpersonal distance but social cohesion. You have to do it right, avoid access to alcohol which could favor disinhibition which leads to inappropriate behavior. We need to speak in the right way to young people, who have all the conditions and characteristics to accept this modus vivendi“.

Le Foche: “The virus circulates less”

I as a clinician observe the cases that arrive in the emergency room and I had noticed from the cases that arrived that we seemed to be less aggressive syndromes than those we saw some time before. The following deduction is that after the lockdown the amount of circulating viruses has shrunk enormously. The clinical picture could be given by a reduction in the viral load that infects the patient. The virus then tends to reduce its aggression with respect to the cell it infects. TO Bresciathen, a virus of a different type than that which we have normally seen has been isolated. Also in China a couple of different viruses have been seen compared to what would appear to be in the field in this syndrome. Viruses of this type replicate a lot but are not as aggressive“.

The Seals: “Coronavirus away before the vaccine”

The end of the emergency? I believe it comes before the vaccine. But the vaccine cannot be doubted in conceptual theoretical terms, it was the basis for the defeat of the most important infectious diseases. We are well on the vaccine, there are already vaccines that have also been injected and have produced neutralizing antibodies. We evaluate who can produce a more effective vaccine and then we will evaluate. The vaccine concept is a bulwark for public health. Second wave? We don’t know if it will happen, but we are ready. We have interpreted many things about this virus, I am not worried about a second wave“.

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