The school needs more teachers and more spaces, the Recovery Fund is an opportunity


It is under the eyes of all (not only of the eight million people involved among managers, teachers, administrators, ATA, students and families, who are in any case enormous in a country not as big as ours) that the school, in a guilty myopic way , was not considered a priority.

A truly unforgivable mistake. Bad, but we ask and we do it from the beginning of the emergency, we work hard and with knowledge of the facts, even if we have not, to say, in these months, even in the few steps required for the administration of the ordinary school, just think of the ordinances on assessment and exams – to open schools in September and, to do it properly, after hearing, the node is the resources and the correct and consequent use of the same.

The government knows this, but, in the meantime, it has chosen, rightly or wrongly, to have other priorities. It was the beginning of April, when I started to say it, in the most constructive and appropriate way to my personal, professional (teacher) nature and also as a former local administrator (President of the Culture and Education Commission of the Municipality of Pisa). And to suggest a more structural approach, less emergency and responsive at least to the short and medium term. The DAD with all its didactic-pedagogical limits could at best aspire to fulfill the function of parachute and accompaniment, in many cases not always possible and not always successful. But the school is different.

Now, if the numbers of the Recovery Fund are confirmed, we will face an epochal change, and with 170 billion Italy has a considerable margin of action, if we demonstrate that we can do it.

Let’s start thinking about serious things. Let’s start with the school. We can no longer afford to allow and formalize the practice that becomes a ‘message’ of a tablet per friend. Although the School in its components, in spite of some newspaper headlines that can now be assimilated to tabloids, has never stopped, relaunching and making superhuman efforts to reach everyone, to continue in the programmed teaching activity and to keep up a glimpse of such fundamental relational normality in contemporary pedagogy.

For September, therefore, it will take double the spaces for students. All. None excluded.

The theme of school despair, especially in less fortunate places, which can already be registered, will be even more dramatic in the short term, and it is also and not only for this reason that secondary schools of second grade cannot be excluded.

The regional school offices are planning class groupings, an operation exactly opposite to what to do. And of this we already have news from our Institutes. Is it ever possible?

And therefore, together with the spaces more teachers are needed. The competition is a false problem (we save the merit and the quality at the entrance with real competitions, an operation that the left more than others must claim and re-affirm, meanwhile annually taking over the alternates from the bands, as we have always done, but let’s do it in times useful at the entrance for September 1st). You can’t hang yourself on this. It is like blindly stumbling upon looking at the finger, losing sight of the moon.

Let the Government prepare itself, as of now, so that the classes, not only the first ones, are crowded in the safest way, working in parallel on spaces in addition and in the round.

This means planning the most immediate future together with the most remote. Human capital embodied by children, adolescents and young people is the safest bet and investment on which a state that claims to be such must bet.

The compass is and remains the Constitution.

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