The scams at the time of the coronavirus in the Cagliari area


Small dealers are those who end up in the shirts of some serial scammers.

The agents of the Quartu Commissariat have carried out several services in these days aimed at providing greater protection to citizens victims of crimes against property. During the course of their activities, they collected a series of complaints from the managers of small businesses according to which some of the convicted, then identified, had cheated them. These are in particular merchants active in the butchery and food sector who received calls to the fixed number of the shop. The interlocutor pretended to be the owner of another business – of another category – who could not open due to the provisions for the coronavirus and announced the arrival of a courier for the delivery of a parcel with various goods inside. The collection of the object was subject to the payment of a sum of money which, as a courtesy, was asked to advance. Shortly afterwards the package actually arrived, the money was withdrawn, and the courier left.

The perpetrator of the scam, a Sinnai convict, was however identified and reported.

But the thugs’ action didn’t stop there. Another serial scam, always discovered by agents, was the one carried out by Quartu residents. They contacted the restaurateurs of the Metropolitan City and ordered meals, often based on shellfish, and fine wines taking advantage of the possibility of home delivery. Upon arrival, the bell boy claimed to pay by debit or credit card. Taking advantage of the (foreseeable) unavailability of the POS terminal, they collected the meals and invited the delivery person to return to carry out the transaction. The payment, however, was not made, and the authors denied having ordered and collected the food.

(Unioneonline / SS.)

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