The Russian cold “knocks” on the doors of Italy: thunderstorms and hailstorms


Usually, at the end of May the masses of air arrive either from the south (African high pressure) or from the west (high Azorean pressure). From today and for a few days we will have “cold” breath from Russia, typical of the winter months, which will be responsible for showers, thunderstorms and sharply decreasing temperatures.

Here is the weather change

Today’s satellite, with a broader view of Europe, is very didactic and clearly shows what was mentioned before: that cloud band extended from Poland to the north-east of Italy by now shows how the air cold at high altitude it set off towards the Mediterranean, where it will enter from the north and east, from the Balkans.

This means that, if for the day today the general weather conditions will still be quite calm apart from some afternoon thunderstorms, isolated, on the eastern Alpine sectors going down towards the areas of the Veneto plains by evening, from tomorrow will change all with the arrival of the cyclonic vortex from the Balkans, accompanied by colder and unstable winds.

Bad weather: downpours, thunderstorms and hailstorms

According to experts, tomorrow and Saturday will be two days between bright spells and bad weather, between glances of sun and frequent thunderstorms, locally accompanied also by hail. Central, South and Sicily will be the most affected areas: on Friday it will be the turn of Tuscany, Marche, Abruzzo, Umbria and Lazio with heavy rains also on the capital, while on Saturday the bad weather of Russian origin will slide towards the South affecting all the southern regions with strong temporal and widespread showers. It will seem to go back at least a couple of months, it will be a typical climate more in March than in late May. Winds will generally blow from the north or north-east causing a sharp drop in temperature, especially in the center-south, exacerbating the feeling of cold.

Temperatures below the thirty-year average

Our cover image is clear, the attached map shows the change in temperature expected for Saturday 30 May at 12 o’clock compared to the thermal average 1981-2010: as you can see, all of Italy is under an intense blue. The difference with the average will also be 8 degrees less in some areas, especially in central Italy, most directly affected by the cold coming from Russia. Up to 4-6 degrees less, however, on the rest of Italy. The maximum temperatures will struggle to reach 20-21 degrees on most of the Central-South, while the minimum will be very cool and between 9 and 15 degrees.

High pressure? Not even by idea

After the cold outburst from Russia, the weather conditions will not recover immediately: both Sunday and Monday 1 June (early summer weather) we will have a slight improvement but the temporal afternoons will always be in ambush, especially in the Center-South. A more stable climate for Republic Day especially in the Center-North, while the South will deal with new clouds and rains, especially in the afternoon.

In the medium term, there is still no strong anticyclone to start the month of June with stable and sunny conditions. Indeed, at the end of next week, one may approach disturbance from the west with new heavy rains and thunderstorms this time to the North. Given the distance, further updates will be needed.


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