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If the coronavirus epidemic remains under control, schools will reopen in September. The premise is a must: the index of infection R with zero must remain below 1 otherwise the doors of the institutions will remain closed and the new school year will begin again “remotely”.

But how will schools reopen? The Scientific Technical Committee has prepared a report with some security measures which will now have to pass the political scrutiny of the Ministry of Education. By 31 July, the expert task force led by Patrizio Bianchi will draw up the operating rules to be delivered to the principals and municipalities to adapt the classrooms. But also to the million teachers who, as announced by Minister Lucia Azzolina, will also be able to choose to carry out some lessons outdoors and – where possible – in museums.

Distance learning will not be abandoned in any case and especially high school students: too many costs to “split” the classes as it would be required to comply with the rules on distance learning. According to the advances of the rules published by La Repubblica, experts require that the desks are placed at a distance of one meter from each other, while the masks would also become mandatory in class, from elementary to high school. The possibility of lowering the mask would instead be granted only during interrogations and remaining at least two meters away.

No obligation to wear a mask for children from 3 to 5 years, unthinkable to wear it for the hours they spend in kindergartens. As well as no obligation for gloves: following the dictates of the ISS, it is better to sanitize the hands periodically.

Two moments of aggregation that remain thorny: the lunch break and the entrance. For school canteens, the same rules will be adopted as hours applied to restaurants, distancing and quoted times. As for the entrances, a radical change is expected with the bell that could ring at different times, from 8 to 10 in the morning, for the over eight million pupils (and as many accompanying parents). In this way, the pupils could enter the classrooms in a staggered manner so as to prevent gatherings from forming at the entrances.

The protest to reopen the schools

Dozens and dozens of photographs of the protest appeared on social networks, staged in dozens of cities in Italy. Respecting the distancing and the obligation to wear the mask, teachers, parents and children have had their say to ask the government to reopen the schools. And now they are waiting for a signal.

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