The Rsa after the coronavirus emergency “Free places, workers and fees at risk”


The RSA have vacancies but are raising their prices. Didonè, Fnp CIS Lombardia general secretary: «The serenity of choice must be restored to the families».

Like any “evening” call center, the RSA are rushing families who have applied for a relative to enter asking for interest in starting hospitalization from early June. “There must be several defections on the waiting list – says a family member – if they came to ask me too, who I am definitely the last, having submitted the application less than a week ago”.

“The RSA are in” abstinence crisis “from hospitalizations – says Emilio Didonè, general secretary of the FNP CISL Lombardia -. After the tragedy of March, which halved its use due to a wicked regional resolution, now Foundations and Management Companies are competing for “customers”: from the Lombardy Region we are still awaiting the resolution on protocols and security measures to reopen the gates of the RSA, and this has repercussions on the serenity of the staff of the nursing homes and on the families ».

In fact, for these administrations, each unemployed bed place generates a lower income for the structures of about 80/100 euro per day with consequent financial problems of the structures that get into debt every day more and consequently with a possible redundancy of staff.. Some structures are making up for the discomfort through the attribution of previous holidays, hour recoveries and other tools. A remedy that cannot go on forever. In fact, some RSAs, with “bad” budgets, are already requesting layoffs for their staff.

The security issue, or that of the recovery of credibility and trust, are the first brake on the part of families: “Certainly the whole news of the last few days does not play in favor of a serenity of the choice, despite the imminent return to work of almost all employees will force many to” less worse “. In addition, the first increases in family fees begin: a decision perhaps justified by the budget, but which certainly does not strengthen the already deteriorated bond of trust with families. There is an average talk of 100 euros more per month ».

«Regione Lombardia must take charge of the solution to a problem of which it has been the protagonist. An answer to the territorial social assistance request becomes necessary. The Lombard network of RSA, 708 structures with almost 65,000 beds, with a 2.63% coverage ratio over 65 years of age, is a resource that must be enhanced and improved in the general context of territorial health. It becomes essential and urgent that the authorities in charge intervene, it is necessary to restore and strengthen the responses on the territory also in social-welfare terms. In particular, we turn to the Lombardy Region and to the Ats of the various provinces – Didonè concludes – so that with extreme urgency they restore the entrances to the RSA drawing on the waiting liststhus providing an answer to citizens’ care needs while at the same time securing the employment of workers in these institutions “.


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