The rooms of the domestic churches have been closed and demolished in Jiangxi


Coronavirus isolation lifted, home churches suffer repression. The CCP wants to force them to join the state-run church

of Tang Zhe

On April 27, more than 30 officials were sent to demolish the home of a home church in the Guangxin district of Shangrao, a city with status of prefecture of the southeast province of Jaingxi. Local officials said the meeting room had to be demolished because it was privately owned and not approved by the government.

The hall of the Domestic Church in Shangrao was razed to the ground by excavators

“There persecution of the Communist Party to the detriment of the domestic churches is getting tougher, “said one of the community’s faithful. “This is mainly because more and more people believe in Christianity. Because the domestic churches refuse to register and be run by the state, the CCP spends a lot of energy to put pressure on them. The ultimate goal is to “sinizzare” Christianity “.

After the demolition, the community faithful, more than twenty people, had to hold the assemblies in secret. «If the regime finds us praying together again, we will receive a fine of 50 thousand renminbi (about 7 thousand US dollars) “, added the man.

A resident of the area who personally witnessed the demolition commented that the government can find any pretext for demolishing a church. “The regime forbids holding assemblies claiming that this Church is” illegal “,” he added. “People comune is repressed, harassed and has no freedom of expression. Those who try to deal with the government are arrested. Xi Jinping wants to be as powerful as he is Mao Zedong, and direct everything ».

In mid-April, officials from the administration of the village of Fenglingtou in the Guangxin district broke into a meeting room in the old Local Church and removed a cross and other religious symbols. They also raided the offer money.

One of the faithful of the Church told a Bitter Winter that it was the third raid in a week. “We have suffered several attacks from the regime for not wanting to join the Church of the Three Autonomies,” he said. “They fear that since Christianity has come to China from abroad, we will flank the United States of America against the Communist Party. We cannot follow the Party, atheist, when it comes to our faith in the Lord. The regime aims to eliminate our faith. ”

In Fenglingtou two other rooms of the domestic churches have been closed. On April 17, more than 30 thugs in the area, led by some officials of the administration of the village, plunged into an assembly hall of the old Local Church of the village of Kenkou and dispersed those present.

“They told us to raise the national flag and to display the portraits of Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping,” said one of the faithful. “All assemblies were banned, and officials said that if we met again, they would transfer ownership of the building in which the Church is located to the administration and turn it into an activity center for the elderly or in a factory. Or they would have demolished it … ”

In late April, local officials threatened to fire the director of a domestic church in the city of Fengcheng from his employment in the administration of the village and arrest the faithful if they continued to hold the assemblies. Officials also went to all homes to record believers’ personal data and take their fingerprints. A few days later, officials from the local section of the Office for Religious Affairs displayed Xi Jinping’s portraits in the rooms and sent photographs to their superiors as evidence.

A meeting room for a church
A meeting room of a closed domestic church, in the village of Xiaogang in the city of Fengcheng

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