The return of the PC market: because they are selling more and will continue in the future


In some analyzes of the market trend of the ICT sector published in recent weeks, very positive estimates related to the PC market in general are highlighted. These considerations start from a fact: PC sales have surged sharply over the past few months, in conjunction with the global pandemic, linked to the need for many people to enable the possibility of working and / or studying inside their homes.
This dynamic was more marked in those countries where the personal computer fleet installed in homes was older: the common mentality, in these cases, is that a PC in the house can be useful but for the tasks that had to be carried out, an old system was also fine and certainly not adequate to the times. The changing needs have prompted many to purchase a new PC, either because it was completely absent or because the one in possession was not adequate for the new tasks required.
This is the case of Italy, where the spread of PCs in the domestic environment has never been at the level of other European nations, in addition with an inadequate machine fleet. Many families had to adapt quickly, buying a PC and where possible equipping each member of the family with their own personal computer. Those who lived through the months of lockdown at home may have had to experiment with sharing their PC, so as to give their children the opportunity to follow lessons remotely, alternating with their telecommuting time.

These commercial dynamics have affected notebooks to a greater extent. The desktop and mini-PC proposals have not seen a similar incremental demand and the resulting consideration is quite simple: a notebook is more practical thinking of more people in the family who can use it for different areas. It also remains more compact, can be easily stored and this increases its practicality of use when you have limited space in the house.
PC demand therefore remained high, driven by the need of the moment: we can speculate that will it continue to be so? The answer must be given taking into account two time horizons. The first, in short, is undoubtedly yes: many families managed to some extent with what they had available, postponing any new technological purchases in the hope that these were not indispensable. The scenario that has been outlined, on the other hand, leads us to think that that of a personal technological equipment for studying and / or working has become a need that can no longer be postponed: this will lead to new purchases of PCs, especially laptops.
In the medium to long term, will we continue to record such a sustained PC market demand? In this case too, the answer is positive, with some warnings. The new study and work methods have made it possible to highlight the advantages of traditional PCs compared to other personal devices such as smartphones and tablets: these are good and are very practical when consulting information, much less when there is to be produced something. Working and studying, computing power is not fundamental, except for some specific areas, but it is essential to be able to use input devices that are adequate: for this reason PCs will collect most of the preferences, supported in this by the tablets not in the slate form but those combined with a keyboard.
The extraordinary needs of the period undoubtedly have allowed to re-evaluate, in the eyes of consumers, the role of traditional PCs and notebooks in particular. These are no longer bulky, noisy and not very powerful objects as they used to be, but solutions that can be exploited to the best both for working and studying and for entertaining. The role of PCs which differentiates them from other personal electronic devices has been partially rediscovered: that of allowing easily to create and develop, going beyond a passive consultation of information and content which is instead the reference area of ​​use of smartphones and tablets, albeit with the necessary exceptions. If we look to the future then we think that it will be richer in productivity solutions, in which each of us will have a role of creator of something.

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