The relationship between the month of June and FTSE Mib: the graph of the week


In spite of the disastrous economic data released during the month of May, the stock markets have managed to raise your head, recovering part of the land lost last March.

The uncertainties for June however remain high, as well as the damage caused by the lockdown to contain the Coronavirus infection. In this sense, it may be useful to try to understand how some indices behaved during June, in order to investigate a possible repetitive behavior that can facilitate operations.

The behavior of the FTSE Mib in June

Elaboration of Studies Office

In this context, we observed the performance of the FTSE Mib during the month of June since 1998. The results are particularly interesting: out of 22 cases observed, 17 refer to negative performances. This means that in the 77.27% of cases, the sixth month of the year is negative.

There average performance it is -1.99% (if the month is negative, the average performance is -4.07%, if positive by + 5.09%). The worst June was in 2008 (-11.87%), the best in 2012 (+ 10.88%).

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