The Region has decided: mandatory mask also outdoors in inhabited areas throughout the bridge of 2 June – La Stampa


From Friday (May 29) until midnight on Tuesday June 2, unless otherwise regulated by the mayors in their municipal territories, the use of the mask will be mandatory in all outdoor public places in Piedmont, but only inside inhabited centers and in commercial areas.

The obligation will not be valid for children under six years, for the disabled or those with pathologies incompatible with the continuous use of the mask. It will not be, Moreover, it is mandatory to wear a mask while practicing sports and motor activities .

As regards, however, the restaurant business the provisions of the guidelines continue to apply in public food service businesses of the National Protocol initialed between Regions and Government. Therefore the use of the mask is not mandatory for those who sit at the tables of a room, both inside and outside in the dehors.

“In concert with the prefectures – explains il President Cirio -, in light of what happened in recent days with the nightlife and during the passage (in Turin, ed) of the Frecce tricolori, we deemed it necessary to tighten the rules of use of the mask outdoors in view of the long weekend of June 2nd. A precaution not to frustrate these months of sacrifice and to remind each of us that, today more than ever, our behaviors are fundamental to prevent the contagion curve from growing again ยป.

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