the reactions of Roman Reigns and John Cena


Death George Floyd: the reactions of Roman Reigns and John Cena. Both the Big Dog and the Cenation Leader commented that it has shocked the United States in the past few days.

The death of George Floyd has sparked a real riot in Minneapolis and the rest of the United States of America. Many international celebrities have commented on the incident through interviews or posts on social networks and also two of the most important wrestlers in WWE history, Roman Reigns and John Cena used their official profiles to express a thought on the matter.

Roman Reigns’ tweet

Roman Reigns has asked for justice for George Floyd, calling racism a terminal disease.

“Racism is wrong. There is no middle ground here. IT’S WRONG. Teach it to your children every day, and we can free ourselves and our future from this terminal disease. “

John Cena’s opinion

John Cena, on the other hand, used both Twitter and Instagram for an iconic post and tweet respectively.

Be more different and less divided. “

Instead of words, Cena used a historical image on Instagram. The Leader of the Cenation has published the photo of Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL player who during the U.S. national anthem decided to kneel in protest against the injustices and oppressions suffered by the African American minority in the United States.

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