The re-dribbles Ausilio


Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. In physics as in football and in football as in physics, we will end up adapting to the transformation. From the bewilderment of the most anomalous and aseptic derby in Italy in history, we will almost certainly get used to the sound of the ball splintering the crossbar, the echo of the screams of the coaches and even the empty stands, today symbolic realization of a football without soul and sad like us, forced to observe it from afar. Yet in the end we will probably get used to it. Everything is transformed and everything has already been transformed, in football played and in the transfer market. That transfer market that until now was a show in its own right, market of the market, all inserted in a circus (lo) of money that today is never worth more than ever. What will the market be like? Who knows, raise your hand. Hand that is not raised even by Piero Ausilio, who in the interview with Sky Sport, reveals how he himself does not know the intentions of the various clubs in this regard. Interview during which the Nerazzurri expert touches on various topics that relate to the aforementioned topic, but said: “I swear to tell the truth? I never told the truth”.

On the other hand, those who know him know: to run, to dribble, to dribble, defend well and at the right time shoot the stunning effort that pierces the net. In a nutshell he would be the perfect midfielder for Antonio Conte, he would deserve a nice number 8 on his shoulders (even if his footballer was more a 5), ​​Italian nationality, and judging by the long CV at Inter would be perfect even for the Uefa list speech . And between a race and a dribbling, the names linked to the Nerazzurri market run one after the other and if Lautaro has expressed himself clearly but equally rhetorically (“as far as Martinez is concerned, there is only one road that can take him away from Inter and is that of the payment of a clause “, nothing that was not already known in the news), the torpedo from outside the area kicked him on the subject Timo Werner: “We have been following him for some time, but he will not come to Inter. He has a clause, but next year he will not play with us”. Some would say goals, but from the Var room they call for a check review: “There has never been a negotiation because I know the player’s idea”, nothing that we haven’t already told you and the novelty lies in closing the chapter once for all.

The ‘nothing we haven’t already said’ also applies to the various Sandro Tonali, Arturo Vidal and Edinson Cavani. The former likes but not too much, or rather he likes but there are no conditions: “Tonali has that quality to play for Inter, I don’t know if he has the economic one (laughs, ed) to be bought”. On the second ‘he doesn’t feel like making definitive considerations’ and on the third he talks about opportunities but clarifies that no offer has been made, or to put it in his own words, “it would be a lie to say we thought about it seriously. Today the profile Cavani is not the priority to improve an already strong department “. An already strong department, however undermined by the pitfalls of departures: Lautaro could start, Sanchez, on which he opens the possibility of reconsidering, today more outside than inside despite that “for many it is down out of plan, for us instead it can be very useful” and Esposito must grow. If Cavani is an opportunity (not considered) and Vidal “is not an opportunity” but is at the top of the shopping list (Marotta dixit, in the now distant January), some loves make huge turns and sometimes they come back. It is the case of Radja Nainggolan, who after the “punitive” year in that of Cagliari, will return to Inter at the end of the season, where – Ausilio remembers – he still has two years of contract. If last year the Ninja had been declared out of the project without a veto even for Antonio Conte, “things change” and various evaluations will be made.

Between a tunnel and a double pass, the Nerazzurri DS also launches himself towards some shore Cunha with a shy “we will follow him” and an opening on the right wing for Vagiannidis: “We work on it, we are in talks with the boy and the family, we informed Panathinaikos” but then he puts an “if”. In short, while the restart of the season finally has a date (on 17 June the Italian Cup final was fixed and the weekend of 20/21 June the completion of the sixth day of return with the four recoveries still pending, including Inter-Sampdoria) also this time the oath of Aid of truth is postponed to a date to be destined. If Conte plans the clash (in) directed with Lazio and Juventus, in view of the next season, from number 8 to number 8, more than Vecino takes it back‘, the re-dribble Ausilio …

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