The race for the vaccine is worth 30 billion. The favorites are already the stars of the stock exchanges


->COVID-19Business and Finance, the Monday Monday economic insert The Republic, analyzes the situation on the Covid-19 vaccine race.

According to the newspaper, about ten favorite companies are Morgan Stanley it would estimate, for the company that will discover the vaccine, annual revenues of between 10 and 30 billion immediately and between 2 and 25 billion every 12 months in Phase 2.

The investment company, according to Affari e Finanza, would list six potential companies: “the Chinese Cansino Biologics, the partnership between the University of Oxford and the British Astrazeneca (to which the Italian Advent-Irbm collaborates), the joint venture between the German Biontech and the American Pfizer, the modern start-up, Johnson & Johnson and the axis between the French Sanofi and the English Glaxo-Smithkline “.

These companies would already be close to their historical highs on the market. But how much could the vaccine cost once found? According to the insert of La Repubblica, it would be difficult to say. Morgan Stanley reportedly estimates a price of around $ 30 a dose in the United States and lower figures for Europe.


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