The PS5 will be officially presented on June 3 (photo)


Vincenzo Ronca

Bloomberg indicates June 3 as the day the first PS5 presentation event will take place.
It seems that we finally have a date for the presentation of PlayStation 5, a date that remains still unofficial but that is very close. In the last few hours, interesting details have leaked from various sources.

We come immediately to the most interesting detail: the PS5 should be officially presented the next 3 June, this is what was reported by Bloomberg, according to which Sony is organizing a first event dedicated to its new console for early June. The presentation event will not be the only one but the first of a series that the Japanese manufacturer will keep about PS5. According to Bloomberg, Sony’s plans for the presentation in early June they will not change not even because of the COVID-19 emergency.

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It does not end here. The image you see in the gallery below portrays the first page of the June issue of the English magazine PlayStation: the illustration shows one of the protagonists of the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and at the top left a white dot with a clear reference to 38 titles next-gen which would already be under development for PS5. Leafing through the pages of the magazine (second image in the gallery): among those that stand out most we see A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home, Moonray, Microman, PsyHotel, Soulborn and The Sims 5.

We reiterate that at the moment Sony did not announce the event on June 3rd. We will come back to update you as soon as they emerge further news in this sense.

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