The protest ignites the US, in Detroit an SUV shoots on protesters, a 19 year old died – La Stampa


The wave of protests is not subsiding and tension is growing across the country over the killing by a Minneapolis policeman of the African American Geroge Floyd. A 19-year-old boy was killed in Detroit, Michigan by shots from an SUV that fired at protesters. The boy died in hospital The army – the Pentagon has mobilized the military police – is about to arrive in Minneapolis, while some gunshots were fired at some officers near the fifth police district but there were no injuries . Tension also in front of the White House where hundreds of people gathered who call for justice for the victim and denounce the police brutality. Protests forced the White House to lockdown. The secret services, in fact, have decided to close the US presidential residence also to the press with a “hard pass”. Protests also in Atlanta, Georgia, where violent clashes have been going on for three days and protesters attacked CNN headquarters overnight.

Meanwhile, George Floyd’s family disputes the outcome of the autopsy conducted on humans, which excludes death by asphyxiation or strangulation, and requests that a second, independent examination be conducted. The family of the African American who died Monday evening after a police officer kept his knee on his throat for nine minutes, all taken in a video, turned to the medical examiner Michael Baden to conduct a second autopsy. “The family doesn’t trust anything that comes from the Minneapolis police department,” said lawyer Ben Crump. “We’ve already seen the truth.” According to the preliminary results of the autopsy, in fact George Floyd did not die from asphyxiation or from strangulation: «The combined effects of being blocked by the police, his pre-existing health conditions (high blood pressure and coronary problems) and potential toxic substances have contributed to his death. ”

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