The prosecutor of Bergamo after the hearing of Fontana and Gallera: “It was up to the government to establish the red zone. Citizens ask for justice”


“There is a request from the Bergamo population for justice and there is our duty to ascertain the facts with the utmost clarity on them, whose assessment will be made with particular attention taking into account all the particularities of the delicate situation”: it is with a note that the acting prosecutor of Bergamo Maria Cristina Rota responded to criticisms, indirectly and without mentioning anybody, of those who – as the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini did – had defined the Bergamo prosecutor’s decision ‘shameful’ as summon the Lombard Governor Attilio Fontana as an informed person on the facts. To ask him, as had already been done the day before with the Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera, to reconstruct what has happened in the Bergamo area in recent months, between the failure to establish a red zone in Alzano Lombardo and Nembro, decisions on the rsa and on the hospital in Alzano.

Dispute to Governor Fontana before the Bergamo prosecutor for the coronavirus investigation


Coronavirus, war of numbers in Lombardy, Cartabellotta: “We objectives, here’s what does not return in the data of the Region”

But it is the same prosecutor, in the evening, who told the RAI microphones that the establishment of the red zone in the Bergamo area should have been “a government decision, as far as we know”. It is the version that both Fontana and Gallera have reiterated, who also would have told the prosecutors that they understood only later that the Region could have done so. And it is the latter version that instead confirmed by the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia yesterday: “Even the Region could establish the red zone, as required by law: article 32 of the law of 23 December 1978 number 833, also referred to in the article 3, comma2, of the decree 6/2020, also gives the regions the possibility of establishing the red zone “.


Coronavirus, Fontana and Gallera to Bergamo prosecutors: “It was up to the government to establish the red zone”. Protests in the square

in reproduction ….

Fontana, heard for about two hours, in the prosecutor’s office while a small group of antagonists was being contested outside, also touched on the other topics of the investigation: from what has been learned, he would have provided clarifications on the case of the Emergency room of the hospital in Alzano and denied having received “pressure” from the economic world on the failure to create the red zone. In addition, he was asked questions about regional resolutions relating to RSA. The many deaths that occurred in the facilities for the elderly is one of the chapters on which we investigate. In the next few days the testimony of the president of the Lombard Confindustria Marco Bonometti is expected. The investigations are going ahead “tight” and could lead to convene government representatives as well as witnesses or, premature hypothesis, to an excerpt from one of their tranches to be forwarded to another prosecutor’s office.

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