The proposal: more vaccines against influenza “So Covid’s cases are discovered immediately”


The summer season of coexistence with Covid is now at the start, and while we equip ourselves to learn to live with the coronavirus between the desire for beaches, the sea, mountain trips and obligations of social distances and individual protections, we also begin to think in the fall and when the flu returns

. And it cannot be excluded, even a resurgence of Covid. In fact, the study of the Ministry of Health, the hypothesis of starting an anti-flu campaign in advance, starting from September, also covering the range of children from 0 to 6 with free vaccination, and lowering the age from 65 to 60 of the population most “at risk” to be protected, in addition, of course, to the categories of population already considered considered fragile for various chronic pathologies, from hypertension to respiratory diseases, to immunosuppressed.

Why cover the range of children from 0 to 6 years? “Because we always tend to combine the word influence with the banal adjective, and it is not so, especially for the very tender childhood, as well as for the elderly – remarks Luigi Greco, pediatrician, provincial deputy coordinator of the Simpef union -. Between 6 months and two years of age, complications from a flu can also be very important, and protecting these children is therefore now crucial in what we might call “Covid era”.

Flu protection on this segment of the population, however, which reaches 10% of the total, means having a great weapon of epidemiological evaluation in hand, because it would allow. at the onset of symptoms, to be able to immediately skim the cases, from the flu to those attributable to Covid. In addition, evidently to be an important prevention tool. For some time, pediatricians have been stressing the importance of making this type of vaccine free and mandatory for children, and have long been emphasizing their availability for collaboration for administration. Of course, arriving at the hypothesis of this effort means, from the point of view of public health policy, to plan suitable supplies, and a precise organization for the points of administration. The optimal goal, but not easily achievable, would be to offer the vaccine to everyone for free, but if you want to reason for more handy goals it would already be an excellent result to focus on children from 0 to 6 years, and on the categories adult risk. For the administration, the availability of pediatricians is there, just as we took the field for the anti-meningococcal B campaign. And for adults, I believe there would certainly be no obstacle for general practitioners. ”

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