The price of coffee at the counter increases to 1.20 euros, but not in all bars: “In twenty years it is only the second increase” – La Stampa


Reopening of the bars to the public after two months and an increase in the espresso cup. In Cuneo (and in at least three central rooms of Borgo San Dalmazzo) several bars from today (Saturday 23 May) will sell coffee at the counter for 1.20 euros.

The other day, part of the hundreds of bars and restaurants in the capital met in a virtual webinar organized by Confcommercio to define the adjustments to the price lists (they must then be printed and displayed to the public), from cappuccinos to desserts, taking into account that the managers rely heavily on external dehors, perhaps expanded to “invite” customers again to return to consumption after the pandemic.

In Cuneo, some of the largest and best-known bars will pass immediately to a cup of € 1.20 per cup, such as the one near the sanctuary of the Angels, Edelweiss and Corso in corso Nizza, Cuba Relais du Chocolat in Piazza Europa, those with the Illy brand throughout the city , most of the bars in via Roma and piazza Galimberti.

The managers of the bars who have decided to increase explain: «Everyone will choose his commercial strategy, but elsewhere in Northern Italy the cup already reaches 1.30 euros or even more. With the abandonment of the lira, in 2002, the gradual change took place from 90 cents to one euro here in the city. Six years ago, an increase of another 10 cents for many clubs, followed by many others. Now the second increase in almost 20 years: physiological, lower than average inflation, necessary to restart after the collapse of business because of Covid-19. Increase of one cent per year. Taking into account that the costs of the blends together with bills and rents have continued to grow ».

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Among the larger bars, the Sillano plants in Corso Nizza remain skeptical («We have recently increased from one euro to 1.10 euro per cup and a new price increase would be foolish now») and the historic Arione bar in Piazza Galimberti (“It is unfair to ask customers for more money right now, given that many are also experiencing difficulties: for now the price for us does not change, in the coming months we will evaluate”).

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The increases are always net of the local-to-local differences on complementary services, on the types of blends chosen, on the fact that coffee is consumed in dozens of variations in bars throughout Italy.

There are those who charge more for the use of the dehors and those who do not change the cost of drinking at the outdoor tables, those who offer water along with the coffee, those who only ask for it, those who pay for it, plus many places together with the cup pay homage to the customer of a dolcino, a chocolate, a cuneese with rum, not to mention the discounted coupons for loyal customers or agreements with neighboring clubs.

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