the premises had to be cleared


A tall column of black smoke near the Anagnina metro station. Fire trucks, supported by civil protection volunteers, engaged from 7 in the morning and the uninterrupted noise of the sirens.

State police, carabinieri and local police of Roma Capitale with the Tuscolano group, instead, on the spot to manage the traffic between via Tuscolana 1111 and via Otello Stefanini, on the sides of the road where the tongues of fire destroyed barracks, waste, plastic and other waste materials.

According to what the RomaToday editorial team learned, a makeshift camp near the former branch of the Hertz Institute and near a Cotral warehouse parking lot, not affected by the flames, burned. Nobody was injured and intoxicated but the work to tame the flames was arduous from the first minutes.

The former premises of the former branch of the Hertz Institute, according to what is learned, should have been cleared by the Municipality of Rome: today, however, the fire. It is not excluded that it was hanged by those who illegally resided in the whole. Just as, at the moment, the hypothesis of an accidental fire is not eliminated.

What is certain is that, during the shutdown maneuvers, several gas cylinders were found and made safe. The dilapidated structure has suffered several damages which will be quantified in the next few hours.

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