“The Post”, and that Pentagon Papers mess


2017 film directed by Steven Spielberg, The Post tells of a great judicial victory in the world of investigative journalism. The film revolves around the story of the publication of the ‘Pentagon Papers’, documents top secret of the defense department of the United States of America.

The story behind The Post: what i revealed Pentagon Papers?

The hero of our story is called Daniel
, reporters of the so-called ‘Pentagon Papers’. To this
file, in addition, documents top secret on the Vietnam War and information
military. It was not the type of dossier to be proud of, that’s why the
government did everything to prevent its publication and dissemination.

THE Pentagon Papers

they showed many military operations and disinformation against the people
American. It turned out, with a good dose of amazement from the population
American, which the pro-American government administration era
long involved in the Vietnam War. For a very long time.

The Post PhotoCredit: from the web

In October 1969 Ellsberg started
to photocopy the file, making a portion leak out to the New York
et al The Washington Post. The publication generated – Useless
say it- an unheard of scandal. The documents showed the involvement of the
United States in the Vietnam War for several presidencies, unbeknownst to the

-1950: Truman had sent
aid to the French militia

– 1954: Eisenhower sent planes
military and medical assistance. (At that time the American population was arguing
almost 80% of military spending in Vietnam).

Even the presidents Kennedy is Johnson they had entered into an organizational plan to financially support the Vietnam War. According to the P.P. the United States had supported the conflict long before its involvement was made public.

After the publication of the Pentagon Papers, Nixon asks for and obtains a judicial injunction, censoring the press of each editorial. Only exception for Katherine Graham (in the film played by Meryl Streep), director of the Washington Post, which begins to publish articles on the government file.

Subsequently, Nixon lose the cause. According to the court, the newspaper had acted for press freedom. This publication gave rise to another even more significant scandal in American political history: the scandal Watergate.

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