The portfolio that has gained 40% since the beginning of the crisis, and of which you knew nothing


The portfolio that has gained 40% since the beginning of the crisis, and of which you knew nothing. We bet you didn’t know that, in fact, there is a portfolio of titles stocks that correspond to companies that have not only lost, during, this crisis, but have even thrived? Yes, because if there are industries that have been brought to their knees by the pandemic, others have indeed thrived. Live entertainment (cinema) businesses and related shares have been torn down as branches in the wind. But also those of catering (restaurants, pubs, bars) and hospitality (large and small hotels, Airbnb).

And last but not least, those of cruises and travel, with airlines in the lead.

But other industries have thrived. Online entertainment at all levels, from visual to gaming, with eSports that have replaced real sport. And clearly those that have allowed the world to stay connected, talking to each other via videoconference. Furthermore, those companies that have had to remain open at all costs, that is, those that produce food and drinks. Because without these two things we would all have been dead for some time. That’s right. There are equities, which are managed by companies in these sectors, which have made good money, in some cases quite a lot. Some of these went to form a portfolio in the days of the beginning of the crisis. A sort of bet that, for certain titles, it would have been a good period and, therefore, a good investment. So let’s see what is the portfolio that has gained 40% since the beginning of the crisis, and of which you knew nothing.

The portfolio that has gained 40% since the beginning of the crisis

To be precise, it gained 40.44%, and consists of 11 titles. Let’s start with Novacyt, a British company listed on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange. Novacyt is a cell diagnostics company that recently made headlines for one of its products. The Primedesign Diagnostic Test, which has been approved by the World Health Organization as a valid large-scale test for COVID-19. There is also in the portfolio Gilead Sciences, whose anti-inflammatory drug Remdevisir is used extensively to treat the disease when it has already arisen. Another stock that is in this particular portfolio is Zoom, the American conference software company. Title that has seen a real leap forward in prices, multiplying users by 30 to 300 million in just over two months.

And then there is clearly Netflix, the name that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to online entertainment.

Less intuitive (and also for this reason we said that you didn’t know anything about this portfolio) are titles like Slack, who owns a workplace organization / communication program that has become in high demand in recent months. Bokuinstead, it is a company that allows people to buy products and services, simply by raising the cost on the phone bill. It experienced a 30% increase in the volume of payments in the months of January, February and March. Only this stock, since the beginning of the crisis, has made + 17.12%, to say. To remain among the unknown names, there is the Group Ocado, an online food retailer that delivers products to consumers directly from their warehouses, completely eliminating the intermediary. And then, the wallet contains Amazon, which needs no introduction.

And also Campbell Soup, which has withstood the storm of the pandemic, and has indeed seen an increase in demand for durable and easy to store goods. Finally, two other stocks complete the portfolio. Symphony Environmental Technologies, a company known for its “Protector Health & Hygiene” antimicrobial gloves. But that actually has a full range of disposable antimicrobial medical clothing, including surgical gowns, insulating gowns, face masks and hospital waste bags. All stuff now indispensable and sought after. Then there is Teladoc, a company that facilitates virtual home visits with doctors via remote video connection. Telemedicine is the future, after all.

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