The policeman who had pressed his knee to George Floyd’s neck was arrested on charges of murder


Derek Chauvin, the police officer who violently pressed the knee on George Floyd’s neck for several minutes on May 25, was arrested on charges of murder.
Floyd, an African American man, had been arrested violently despite being unarmed: while being crushed on the ground he had said repeatedly that he could not breathe, and he died shortly thereafter.
His death sparked major protests in Minneapolis, which have gradually become more violent over the past few days.

The police had spoken of a “medical accident” by giving an official version later denied by several witnesses and by various videos shot during Floyd’s arrest; he later said he fired four agents involved in the arrest, including Derek Chauvin.

Mike Freeman, the Hennepin County attorney (who includes Minneapolis), said Chauvin is accused of third degree murder (third degree murder) e manslaughter (involuntary murder). In the Minnesota legal system, third-degree murder defines the situation in which without intending to kill, another person is killed by carrying out a cruel and very dangerous action for others, showing that he has no regard for human life. “We can only bring charges if we have enough evidence to support the charges beyond reasonable doubt. Now we have them, ”said Freeman.

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Chauvin’s arrest comes after three days of major protests and demonstrations against police violence. The demonstrations were initially peaceful: on Wednesday night, however, there were episodes of anger and violence, which worsened yesterday and today, and the President of the United States Donald Trump said he was ready to send the National Guard to stop “the criminals. ”

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