the poignant farewell of Caterina Balivo – Libero Quotidiano


Stop. come to me, the Rai 1 afternoon program closes its doors. Last episode. But live Caterina Balivo sends a message that makes the Net speak. Her words have the taste of farewell. “It has arrived time for new experiences“Says the bailiff. Which suggests a sudden slowdown, a sabbatical year. “Today is the last episode for me – he continues – think 15 years have passed since I said good afternoon and each time I managed to bring the ship into port with wonderful traveling companions. I think back to Italian holiday, Afternoon on the two, No sooner said than done is Come to me and in particular the success of these last two years has really paid off for so many family and professional sacrifices made “.

The reasons for this stop entrust them to a metaphor: “To navigate the oceans, said Columbus, one must have the courage to lose sight of the shore. These moments so difficult for us have taught me to give the right value to things and find the courage to leave this wonderful and prestigious, safe port, which I also helped build. The time has come to make new experiences to enter more and better into your homes “.

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