The plots of the magistrates to attack Matteo Salvini on the Diciotti case


It was the very hot summer of 2018: the yellow-green government with Matteo Salvini installed as minister of the interior and vice premier, he had been in office for a few months and the leader of the League had started the arm wrestling with the Ong.

The aim was to prevent the ships of the organizations from arriving with migrants in Italian ports. In that summer, however, the most important political and, subsequently, judicial case concerned not a ship of the NGO, but one of the Coast Guard and, to be precise, the Eighteen ship.

The military vehicle had several migrants on board recovered off Lampedusa, but from Interior Ministry the landing authorization has not arrived. After a few days at anchor, the go-ahead for the docking of Diciotti arrived Catania, but with migrants who had to remain on board pending a possible agreement with Europe for their redistribution.

And it was at that moment that the court case started. On board the Diciotti to rise was, among others, the Agrigento prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio. In the Sicilian city, therefore, a file was opened against the then interior minister: the charges were those of kidnapping, illegal arrest and abuse of office.

Everything then passed on to the court of ministers for Palermo. And it is there at this point that a conversation unveiled in recent days has come into play and that brings us up again, Luca Palamara.

The latter, investigated for corruption and at the center of the latest scandals involving the judiciary, exchanged a few jokes about the Eighteen case with a colleague. Not just any: it was, in particular, Fabio Pilato. It is he who presides over that court of ministers who settled in the Sicilian capital. And it is he, in the night chat exchanged with Palamara, who announced it not without emphasis: “Guess who is the president of the court for the ministers of Palermo?” Asked the magistrate in Palamara. And after a “Who is it?” between the surprised and the curious of the interlocutor, Pilate reiterated: “I”. The answer on the other side appeared eloquent: “Great”.

It is these conversations reported in part by The truth in the past few hours. A short exchange of jokes, in which, however, the climate of those months was well evident. The target by some togati brought up by the wiretapping, once again seemed to be to politically attack Salvini, through various judicial proceedings.

In the above conversation, Palamara then gave some advice to his colleague: “Keep your nerves steady”, with Pilate who then replied talking about “legal mess” and ensuring a coldness “like that of a shark”. The blow and response between the two then ended with Palamara’s assurance that he was on Pilate’s side. The latter, as underlined by La Verità, has always dealt with immigration and some time ago he had also supported the memorandum of understanding with the Municipality of Palermo to guarantee the accompaniment of single children and for the recognition of their refugee status.

The exultation exposed in Palamara for being the president of the court that should have tried Salvini is contained in the documents of the investigation underway in Perugia on Palamara himself. That conversation came, among other things, at the height of a day in which attacks by several league leaders started against the leader of the League on the Eighteen case.

First a note from Palamara himself, together with three group leaders of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, against Salvini for the management of the affair. Then, a few hours later, an intervention by the ANM always against the then vice premier. Finally, the evening conversation in which Pilate suggests that he is on the side of Palamara and where the latter has therefore given him support.

A clear climate, aimed at a political exploitation of the case which was also highlighted by the Viterbo prosecutor, Paolo Auriemma: “I’m sorry to say that I don’t really see where Salvini is wrong – the magistrate wrote in a conversation in Palamara on August 25th – And I don’t understand what the Prosecutor’s Office of Agrigento enters. This from a technical point of view beyond the political side. Keep it for yourself but am I wrong? ”

Palamara gave him reason, but he replied dryly: “But now we have to attack him”, with reference precisely to Matteo Salvini.

For the record, on 18 October the Palermo court of ministers transferred the cards to Catania, the competent power of attorney as it is precisely here that the ship Diciotti had docked. The court of Etna ministers will ask the Senate for the go-ahead to proceed against Salvini, but Palazzo Madama in March 2019 denied the request. For this choice of senators, the vote of the Five Star Movement was decisive, at the time (it seems years have passed) still allied with the League. Other chapters, other contexts. What stands out in this story, however, is the hostility of a part of the judiciary against the then minister Salvini.

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