the plan for free games in the clear


The negotiations between the government and the league continue to broadcast Serie A in the clear. A “battle” that Minister Spadafora wages among many difficulties: there is a plan and some hypotheses on the table

Serie A, Live Goals and more: the plan for free games in the clear (Getty Images)

The government, and in particular the minister of sport Vincenzo Spadafora, want the A league in the clear. A real game that is being played to allow fans to watch the games freely as the stadiums will be closed. It will not be easy, and it will probably be impossible to get all the races freely visible, but a compromise solution is being sought between the Government and the president of the Dal Pino League. It is assumed that Spadafora himself can take the field to deal directly with pay TV, Sky, Dazn and the other licensee Img.

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Serie A, Live Goals in the clear: the Government’s hypotheses

Goal in the clear, the Government's hypotheses
Goal in the clear, the Government’s hypotheses (Getty Images)

There are two hypotheses that seem really feasible: the first is the free-to-air transmission of “Direct Goal”, the popular format of Sky that shows clips of live matches. The chosen day would be Sunday, in the late afternoon: the time with the greatest potential audience, approximately 7.15 pm. The other idea is to transmit only one game in the clear, but by sign, per week. To be clarified if it would be (probable) one game per turn: it will be played every three days. Or actually only one game per week, and therefore every two days of championship. To determine which channels will be identified for free-to-air matches: Sky offers Rai and other national networks, Sky instead it would open to transmission only on its two free channels, namely “Cielo” and “Nove”.

The big matches scheduled

In the 12 days still to play (not forgetting the 4 recoveries of the 25th) there are many big matches waiting for the A league. It starts with Milan-Roma at the 28th, the derby between Juventus and Turin at the 30th, but there are also Lazio-Milan and Napoli-Roma. On the 31st day it will be the turn of Milan-Juventus, on the 32nd day there is Napoli-Milan. At the 34th the big championship challenge between Juventus is Lazio, but there will also be Roma-Inter. At the 37th space at Inter-Napoli. While the last round, the 38th day will see Napoli-Lazio and Juventus-Roma. The championship should end on August 2nd. L’idea is to use three time slots: 17.15, 19.30 and 21.45.

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