The PDO cold cuts from Piacenza are also protected from imitations on the US market


After Canada, the registration of the consortium brand “Piacentino – Piacentina”, which will accompany the Piacenza cold cuts with a protected designation of origin on the important US market, arrives from the United States Department of Commerce “Patent and Trademark Office”. This important result, declares the President of the Consortium for the Protection of PDO Cured Meats Piacentini Antonio Grossetti, gratifies and rewards the commitment made by the Consortium in the protection of its names. As is well known, the protection of the PDO is valid on the Community territory, but in markets such as the United States and Canada other logics and regulations prevail in this regard. With regards to trademarks, in these countries, the “first to use” principle applies, which implies the acquisition of ownership of the trademark by the person who first used it. The risk, as happened for other very important Italian products, that cured meats that have nothing to do with our three PDOs will be marketed with names that evoke our brands, and ironically our PDOs will not be able to market them with their names “Coppa Piacentina, Salame Piacentino, Pancetta Piacentina”. The phenomenon of Italian Sounding today is worth something like one hundred and ten billion euros and affects predominantly all food categories and manifests itself precisely with evocative messages to Italianness through the use of words, colors, names that can have misleading aspects on purchases of consumers.

Borghero from Studio Rosso Borghero IP Consultancy, a well-known expert in the sector, who oversaw the entire procedure for registering the “Piacentino – Piacentina” trademark, declares in this regard «From today the Consortium has an important pro-competitive tool to encourage the export of products in a strategic market such as the United States of America. The benefits of the result achieved will be appreciated, on the one hand, with regard to the promotion since through the brand it will be certified to US consumers that the cured meats are an expression of a historical production tradition linked to the local culture which is guaranteed by strict compliance with the production regulations and On the other hand, in relation to the protection since today a title is available which will allow to prevent or repress illegal abuses or uses of the PDOs which are harmful to the supply chain “.

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