The “original” orange vests dissociate themselves from the demonstrations against the government: “We have nothing to do” – La Stampa


Farmers are not there to approach the demonstrators who today invaded the center of Milan, Turin, Rome and Bologna to protest the government. They, the “original” orange vests that manifested last year to raise the problems of the agricultural sector, totally dissociate themselves from the rallies this morning in which the anti-Covid distancing rules were not respected nor the masks used.

The taking away
They want to clarify that “the two demonstrations of the farmers of Bari (7 January 2019) and Rome (14 February 2019) have nothing to do with the movement of the orange vests that manifested today in the Italian squares”.

“The farmers, in 2019, – they reiterate – laid the flags of their organizations for a moment (Cia, Confagricoltura, Legacoop, Copagri, Agci, Italia Olivicola, Unapol, Confcooperative, etc.) to unite under one banner, the orange vest, with which we demonstrated in a civil and unitary way to obtain attention and resources from the institutions for olive growing folded by frosts and xylella »

Different objectives
“Thanks to those demonstrations – emphasizes Onofrio Spagnoletti Zeuli spokesman for the movement of farmers – the Conte government and the Minister Centinaio intervened with the decree law on agricultural emergencies to compensate olive growers, farm workers, companies and cooperatives affected by the numerous problems that still afflict the sector” .

Then the clarification: «We are light years away from today’s events and from the organizers. A lot was needed to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, which unfortunately have not been lacking today ».

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