the opinion of the daughter of The Rock


Death George Floyd: the opinion of the daughter of The Rock. Simone Johnson’s social thinking on the case that is populating the front pages of newspapers in the United States

In these days the case of the death of George Floyd it is on the front pages of all world newspapers. The death of man occurred in Minneapolis is sparking fierce protests in all United States of America. The demonstrations are in fact taking ever heavier folds, many cities are adopting a curfew while the White House is now very armored after even the harsh words of the President Trump who said he wanted to punish the protesters. As if that wasn’t enough, after the fact that happened to George Floyd, there were 3 killings in the USA connected to this case while just yesterday at Jacksonville, Florida a policeman was stabbed.

Simone Johnson’s words

After these events, social networks are also going wild with thehashtag #BlackLivesMatter (the life of black people matters) which is literally depopulated. Some users, in response to this hashtag, are replying with #AllLivesMatter (everyone’s life matters) and a debate has developed around this topic. In this regard also Simone Johnson, daughter of The Rockwanted to have his say.

“When people say” the life of black people matters “and your first answer is” BUT all lives matter “you are part of the problem.”

These are the words published on Twitter by the daughter of The Rock, who wanted to take a position on the social discussion that is emerging in these difficult days after the tragic death of George Floyd. Many other WWE wrestlers also wanted to have their say on this event that broke out the discussion on racism in America again.

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