“The Nuremberg funnel fills up, I tried at the ministry” – Libero Quotidiano


Phenomena that only the grillini, in this case it is the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina. Yes, there has been a lot of talk about her for the amazing metaphor of “funnel to be filled“Well, overwhelmed by the teasing, the unlikely minister does not retreat, and indeed explains:”The Nuremberg funnel it is a metaphor on learning well known in the world of school: a student to whom they come paid notions in the head through a funnel – reveals -. Learning doesn’t work so, the teachers know it well, and that’s what I meant when I recalled the image of the funnel during the Saturday conference, the student is not a funnel to be filled with knowledge, it is something else‘I said. “In short, the funnels really fill up, let’s find out. And again, the cricket adds:” Someone took me literally, dwelling on the fact that the funnels do not fill but are used to fill – he underlines on Facebook -. I understand very well that it can lend itself to easy irony, I laugh about it too. But I want to reassure you that at the Ministry we have not tried to put funnels on the heads of the boys by pouring books (liquefied of course), before saying that it does not work … Fortunately anyone can learn about this concept using a simple engine of research “, he concludes with granitic convictions. Well, maybe Azzolina should spend herself in” metaphors “a little more drinkable and that expose her to a more limited number of teasing, don’t you think?

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