The nightlife puts everything at risk: ready burst of fines of 3milia euro


Bad news for those who hoped that among the innovations of the so-called Phase 2, at a certain point, a return of the nightlife. Those who wished to return to normal soon, also with regard to the end of the evening, unfortunately will have to wait still longer: in fact, sanctions are ready for offenders.

After the reopening of the premises, there were many episodes reported via social networks of gatherings and little parties set up immediately after the loosening of the lockdown. The parties themselves have quietly photographed themselves and then post the images on their Facebook or Instagram pages: many people, completely regardless of the risk infection, did not even take care to wear masks or to respect distances.

The fact raised the concern of the government, which therefore decided to intervene, issuing a warning.“Thanks to you Italians, but it’s not over, let’s make it clear, it’s not the time for parties and nightlife, otherwise the curve goes up”, the Prime Minister said in these hours Giuseppe Conte, as reported by the “Courier”. “We removed the self-certification because the curve was under control, but nobody thinks that the precautionary rules have been skipped“, he added.

Unfortunately, this was an already calculated risk. With the relaxation of restrictions, it was more than likely that someone would try to return to old habits early. Although the slowdown of the infections is evident, however, the virus is still circulating in Italy, and the danger of a resurgence cannot be completely excluded. Hence the government’s decision to resume with the controls, which will be concentrated mainly in the areas of the country dedicated to nightlife: for offenders there are fines ranging from 400 to 3 thousand euros. The same police chief Franco Gabrielli turned to the Quaestors, inviting them to keep their guard up and continue to monitor the territory with great scruple.

The Minister of Health also of the same opinion of Prime Minister Conte Roberto Speranza, which asks citizens to act conscientiously and to respect the rules, without taking advantage of the reopening.“The enormous efforts made in the last two months and the extraordinary investments financed in the last decree cannot be thwarted. If the curve starts again, we will be forced to close again”, he says to the microphones of the “Corriere”.

The reproaches also come from the governors of the Regions, first of all Luca Zaia, who speaking of the matter commented with a dry: “We will wait for them in front of the hospital doors”. Even the President of the Sicily Region In the Musumeci, embittered by the images from Vucciria, where there were gatherings made up of people in some cases even without protective devices, he threatened a new closure: “As a citizen I am deeply worried, as governor I fear that we must necessarily go back. I would not want to do it at all, but if these scenes were to repeat in the next few days I will be forced to take measures”, he said in the afternoon 5, as reported by “Il Giornale di Sicilia”.

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