the new video gameplay from the State of Play!


As promised by the team of Naughty Dog and Sony, the new State of Play entirely dedicated to the studio’s latest effort, has given the public a new gameplay sequence of The Last of Us Part 2.

The unpublished piece made available by the team allows us to take a new look at the tense and intense atmospheres that await Ellie during his new journey. A path that promises to be painful and marked by a furious and unstoppable search for vengeance. In a world still subject to the effects of the epidemic that broke out years earlier, the Infected are not the only dangers that the girl has to face.

On the contrary, humans themselves are ready to show their worst side in The Last of Us Part 2. Specifically, the new gameplay sequence kicks off with Ellie intent on swimming across a stream and proceeds with an infiltration operation in a manned facility: in the end, a brief comparison will mark the conclusion of the clip: what did you think?

The game, remember, will land exclusively on PlayStation 4 the next June 19: The Last of Us Part 2 review will be online on Everyeye pages on Friday 12 June. Inside, our Francesco Fossetti will tell you his impressions on this new journey in the company of Ellie and Joel.

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