The new suits of NASA astronauts


Give her space suits to the spacecraft: everything is new and a bit like a film in the new space mission that on Saturday 30 May will try to start again from Cape Canaveral, the base Nasa. In fact, the Falcon 9 he should have launched the spacecraft Dragon last Wednesday but the strong wind prevented the departure.

Following the path of this mission it seems to jump into the future: not only for the Dragon, the first private spacecraft (was created by the entrepreneur Ellon Mask, the creator of the Tesla electric car), reusable for various missions; but also and perhaps above all, for the new ones space suits of astronauts.

Jose Fernandez

This is the name of the designer who designed it the suits of the astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, the first crew transported by Dragon for a space mission.

It is not the first time, however Fernandez draws suits. Do you remember Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Man in Black, Batman vs. Superman, Alien III, Thor and Captain America: Civil War? Fernanedez designed the super heroes’ suits, starting with the film Gremlins of 1989.

A curious start to Space X

It all started in 2016, when Fernandez drew a helmet for astronauts to be presented, together with others, to Ellon Mask, founder of the Space X company. Of all the proposals examined, Ellon chose his own, however, as he says Fernandez: “I didn’t know what Space X was and I didn’t understand that suit that I had drawn would have been the suit of the astronauts of a real mission. I thought they were preparing a movie. ”

Since then, the design of the spacesuit real, which, during many missions on the ISS, has always remained the same. Until today.

Of course, while Fernandez has studied the aesthetics of the suit, that is how it is made out, a team of engineers and scientists have thought about how to perfect it “inside”, that is how to make it safe and functional for women missions.

For example, unlike before, astronauts can now breathe and speak through a single attack. The helmet it is made to measure through 3D printing: mechanisms for lifting the viewer, hermetic closure and microphones were then added. However, it is forbidden to use the new astronauts suit for the walks space.

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