The new stadium, the Campi hypothesis and the intentions of Commisso: a question of “coherence”


A matter of “consistency”. So, in essence, the mayor Dario Nardella commented today on the possibility of seeing the new Fiorentina stadium rise in Campi Bisenzio: “The history of Fiorentina is tied to Florence. Florence and Fiorentina are one and therefore we must be consistent with this concept, “said the first citizen. One wonders what is meant by “coherence”, a term subject to interpretation and, sometimes, with blurred boundaries.

It is true that historically the link between Florence and Fiorentina has passed (and passes) also through the presence of the Franks on the municipal territory, but, given the difficulties encountered in the Mercafir hypotheses and the restructuring of the Franks, it would perhaps not be “consistent” with the path of growth of the company (and consequently of the team) also consider the possibility of building a new plant a few kilometers from the city? Wouldn’t it be “coherent” with common sense to listen to the opinion of people instead of taking refuge before the maximum systems? The numbers that emerged from our survey are clear: READ. It is not populism, it is only a matter of going beyond an apparently only principle discourse. At least that’s how it was presented to us this morning. If there are other obstacles, let’s talk about it, but with the utmost clarity.

Speaking of “consistency”, we change the subject but not the topic and we ask you one last question: an entrepreneur of the caliber of Commisso can really give up Fiorentina less than a year after his arrival and after having invested tens of millions of euros in the purchase of the club, in the design and future construction of the sports center and in the last two transfer market sessions? We do not have certainties, especially thinking about how annoying it is to find yourself in front of a road bristling with obstacles, but perhaps a reflection is right to do it. Pending the stance of the number one viola.

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