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At least three magistrates, one to the general inspectorate and two to the general prosecutor of Cassation, exchanged confidential messages with Luca Palamara. This can be understood by reading the investigation papers of Perugia, where there are close relationships between the pg Valentina Manuals, Gigi Birritteri and Palamara. Writes it on Messenger. While the general inspectorate, within the Ministry of Justice, is governed by Liborio Fazzi. Fazzi is the chief of the security guard investigators who, by law, promotes disciplinary action against prosecutors and judges and, in 2017, wrote to Palamara: “Luca well done. Now close the circle with Reggio and become my reference absolute”.

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The Manual instead in Palamara on January 26, 2019 wrote: “Hi Luca I applied for added to Perugia I would not want the penalty to affect me. I know that Roman Unicost has an important weight. You who more than any other know how unjust and painful it was for me, would you give me a hand? “. Other exchanges of messages highlight the favors between Palamara and Luigi Birritteri. The latter:” If you also give me a hand I thank you “.” Yes absolutely, “Palamara’s answer.” Obrigado, say the Brazilians, “replies Birritteri jokingly.

Meanwhile, always to the general prosecutor of Cassation, will take place Fulvio Baldi the magistrate who, just two weeks ago, had resigned from his chair head of cabinet at the Ministry of Justice for very close relationships with Palamara. The prosecutor called him Fulvietto and contacted him for favors in the Ministry.

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