The murderer’s version: We fought, we were together but I couldn’t take it anymore. I lost my mind “- La Stampa


«We fought, we were together but I couldn’t take it anymore. I lost my mind”. Last night he confessed to the murder of his partner in a long interrogation in the public prosecutor’s office, in piazza Galimberti in Cuneo, in front of the substitute Alberto Braghin: Francesco Borgheresi, 41 years old, miliary with a past also of missions abroad for NATO, resident in Florence, yesterday killed with 3 gunshots Mihaela Apostolides, 43 years old, in the large square of the Auchan shopping center. Then after half an hour he called 112 and got arrested, with no resistance. Policemen of the Flying and Digos surrounded him, then he was taken to the hospital to extract the bullet that had been shot in the hand during the scuffle with the woman.

Now the military is at Cerialdo. The victim is a woman of Romanian origin, from 15 years in Italy: she lived first in Saluzzo and now in Cuneo. During the lockdown he had lived with his sister in a house in the hamlet of Borgo Gesso, not far from the nightclub where he worked.

The facts: the man had arrived from Florence on Thursday evening, taking advantage
the end of the lockdown to see the woman again
. He explained to the policemen and the deputy prosecutor that he had slept with her, then yesterday they did the shopping together with the shopping center and at 16.45 the quarrel when they were aboard his car, a Panda. He shot her 3 pistol shots (hitting her point-blank in the chest and side, also injuring her hand) and in the quarrel he shot himself in the left hand. He was medicated to the hospital and immediately questioned yesterday, where he claimed that the woman was asking for money, that he was jealous, that they had quarreled.

He, fond of weapons, had left Florence with two pistols and
many ammunition, then found by the scientific police. A caliber
6.35, the weapon with which he killed and injured himself, found in the passenger compartment,
and again a revolver in the trunk, where there was also a backpack from the
third alpine regiment.

Investigations continue on the cell phones of the murderer and victim, this morning (Saturday 23 May) there was also a search in the military house in Florence.

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