the most reactionary players like a mafia racket against the game –


According to Rob Fahey of, the more wing reactionary of gamers knows acting like a mafia racket versus The Last of Us 2 for its contents. Obviously the reference is to the LGBTQ + issues and to the fact that Naughty Dog has allowed herself to represent diversity in her work.

The analysis done by Fahey in his article is really interesting and touches on some important topics for the understanding of what is happening and why the protests against The Last of Us 2 are not yet dormant. According to him, users are trying to do Naughty Dog what they have done with countless independent productions, but putting even more violence in their protest.

Basically, they only endured one study triple A has decided to insert content hidden from them, despite repeated mafia messages sent to the industry, including development studies destroyed by bombardments of negative reviews on Steam or Metacritic, delays, boycotts and more. The “champions of freedom of expression” would have actually created a cage around the creatives of industry, limiting their creative freedom and in fact doing what they accuse others of doing: that is, they pursued their own precise political agenda.

Some gamers would therefore not be very different from those Middle Eastern states that censored The Last of Us 2 for its content. The mentality is always that, it is only the religion that changes.

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