The news is what we expected, in twenty days the championship will start again and frankly it was time !. We couldn’t read more and more and wait and now, finally it will start again with a busy schedule that will have its aperitif in the Italian Cup with the two semi-finals and the final, first seasonal trophy, first goal for Juventus , waiting for the richest dishes.

Minister Spadafora commented with pleasure: “The championship resumes on June 20, I have also compared myself with the Prime Minister Conte. I hope we can complete the Italian Cup in the week from 13 to 20: it would be a restart for the benefit of all Italians being the competition on the public service “.

THE GREAT RISK – the great risk, we know it, is a new stop, and with the current protocol, the risk is not high, but very high. It takes just one person to block everyone for two weeks, with new delays and everything that follows. We could have done better, we do not deny it, but by fighting against everything and everyone, we are satisfied with the result, even if at high risk. Minister Spadafora confirms: £ The CTS has confirmed the unavoidable necessity of the fiduciary quarantine in the event that a player should prove positive, an event that we do not hope for. The path of the swabs must not harm the general needs of all Italian citizens, in light of these considerations, I made it clear to the FIGC that if the health emergency were to re-emerge, the championship would have to be suspended again “.

Bizarre to say the least, that a positive masseur is enough to put everyone in quarantine, we reiterate it, there is also the risk that someone will voluntarily put themselves in quarantine to take advantage of the situation, frankly we hope it won’t happen.

THE PLANS THAT WE DO NOT LIKE, BUT NEED – right, then, to weigh to the rescue plans in case things go wrong: “It was a very useful meeting with all the components of the FIGC: as we said from the first moment the football would have restarted with the conditions of security and with the CTS ok at the various controls. Italy is starting again and it is right that football should do it too, but I pointed out to the FIGC that if the health emergency were to emerge, the championship would have to be suspended again. FIGC explained that there is a plan B and a plan C: playoffs and playouts or the crystallization of the ranking, as it will have to be done is a decision that belongs to them, not to me “.

We all hope that plans B and C remain only on paper because we don’t like them and would risk creating only confusion.

The president of the FIGC, Gravina rightly states: The restart of football represents a message of hope for the whole country. I am happy and satisfied, it is a success that I share with Minister Spadafora and with all the federal members. It is a serious project that involves the whole world of professional football, Serie A, B and C. And I also hope for women’s football “.

Now the die is cast, there is a date, we must all make sure that we start again and do not stop.

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