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For Alfonso Bonafede it is not a quiet period. The controversy over civic assistants also affects the Minister of Justice. Between Sunday and Monday the Five Stars pointed the Minister for “misunderstandings” again on the project of civic auxiliaries. The reason? The Minister for Regional Affairs, as well as the creator of the volunteers committed to enforcing the rules on Covid, Francesco Boccia, in his interview with the Corriere, addressed the pentastellato directly: “I allow myself to tell the traveling companions that they should have dealt with Alfonso Bonafede, their head of delegation, the first witness of this initiative “.

And here could not miss the uproar: the government chat of the Movement was seething with poisons, with cross accusations. “Alfonso and the government are linked,” say executive sources trying in vain to defend Bonafede. And again: “Those who attack Alfonso at this time, leave him alone – they specify -. The minister has been strengthened and during this delicate phase in which he is putting prisoners back into jail for the mobsters that others have released, internal controversies are not only inappropriate but also dangerous. At least in the face of serious events like these, we try to remain compact “. Even if the various Guardasigilli flops, first with the release of the bosses and then with the accusation of the ex anti-mafia prosecutor Nino Di Matteo, make many want to replace him.

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