The match of controversy: Liverpool-Atletico allegedly killed 41 fans | News


British Health Service Data (NHS), analyzed byEdge Health and published by Times, they speak clearly. Liverpool-Atletico Madrid last March 11 would have cost his life, due to the coronavirus, to 41 British spectators present that evening in Anfield. Spain had, at the time of the game, about 2200 positive, a higher percentage of the 500% to that of England in the same period.

The game of controversy, in short, is destined to be discussed again. The presence of 3,000 Spanish fans when the day before Valencia-Atalanta it had been played behind closed doors and when the virus had already triggered the lockdown in many states, it is one of the reasons that turned a Champions League match into a game with dramatic consequences. Considering then that the fans ofAthletic the temperature had not even been taken once we arrived in England.

We should be frightened at the thought of how many more deaths that game really did if we consider that the calculation concerns only the English fans present at Anfield that evening.

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