The magic of OnePlus 8 Pro removed in India, the filter that “sees” through objects resists in Europe (photo) (updated: withdrawn)


One of the main curiosities of the new OnePlus 8 Pro, the flagship product of the Chinese company at the time, was the filter called color filter which allows you to “see” through objects made of particular materials such as plastics and metals.

After the discovery and first amazements by the tech world, OnePlus had made it known that it would removed functionality with an upcoming software update. Later it had emerged that the removal would only affect the version Chinese of the OnePlus software, the HydrogenOS. The affair ended, at least temporarily, with another surprise: the color filter has been removed also for the Indian version of the OxygenOS for OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus has just released a new software update for Indian users, which refers to the build 10.5.9.IN11DA: as you can see from screenshots present in the gallery below, the changelog clearly indicates that the filter has been temporarily removed to give time to the development team of implement adjustments. No indication has been provided regarding which type of adjustments OnePlus refers to. His return would still be expected to June.

We reiterate that the update is being distributed exclusively for Indian users. So, at least for the moment, the removal of the color filter does not affect European users and consequently the Italian ones.

Update05/30/2020 00:10 hours

New developments immediately emerge on the update that would have disabled the color filter on OnePlus 8 Pro: the Chinese company has made it known that the removal of the functionality has been released by mistake in the software update. OnePlus has announced that the update for Indian users it was not intended to be distributed publicly.

According to what was communicated by OnePlus, the update distributed by mistake reached a limited number of users and who will release an upcoming software update that will enable it again the now famous filter.

Update05/31/2020 at 16:05

As was to be expected after previous developments, OnePlus withdrew the software update that involved removing the color filter OnePlus 8 Pro. Confirmation has come from the developers of Oxygen Updater.

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