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Giuseppe Conte and his entourage forced to pack in the summer. This is the fear that animates Palazzo Chigi, testified by authoritative sources ad Affaritaliani, that talks about people close to the prime minister who are busy finding another job. Names? They don’t do it, but it’s not that difficult to guess who you’re talking about. The fears are also confirmed by the heads of delegation present weekly at the majority meetings and summits, all forced each time to make heartfelt appeals for unity. Starting from Dario Franceschiniso important to the government that many already give him as prime minister.

To throw gasoline on a government in disarray the decision of Matteo Renzi to “pardon” Matteo Salvini on the case-Open Arms. “The pleasure that Salvini did to him by presenting the motion of no confidence to Bonafede gives him back – explain voices from the Nazarene. In that case Renzi was able to put the prime minister under pressure. Now he returns the favor. But the goal of both is to bring down Count. ” In essence, there are already too many dissatisfied with the Prime Minister and the crisis is not that remote.

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