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The LND proposes the blockade of the Under

The National Amateur League proposed to Federal Council the Under blockade. As anticipated by President Cosimo Sibilia, just as this year the Serie D clubs will have to field at least in the next season a footballer born in 1999, two 2000 and one 2001.

President Cosimo Sibilia also spoke on the issue under a Sportinoro:
“The under teams that the clubs have used this season will be confirmed. As a result there will be no snaps forward a year. This is the proposal we brought to the Federal Council “. So most likely the Serie D of the 2020-2021 season will hold the obligation of a footballer born in 1999, two 2000 and a 2001 class on the field “.

The solution will most likely be taken as an example also by the individual Regional Committees for the Categories of Excellence and Promotion which in the past season included three under.

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