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The LND Council decided: Here are the proposals for the verdicts

The Governing Council of the National Amateur League, held today by videoconference, has developed the proposals (voted unanimously), which will be brought to the scrutiny of the next Federal Council, regarding the conclusion mechanisms of the national and regional championships, for the ratification needed.As for the Series D, the LND will propose to the highest federal body the crystallization of the rankings at the time of the interruption of the championship, thus providing for the promotion of the first classified of each group and the relegation of the last four ranked teams of each grouping. The latter aspect, however, adheres to what has already been indicated by the Federal Council in relation to professional championships. Among the requests, also that relating to a ranking of merit for any repechage where there is a shortage of staff, always taking into account to privilege the primary value of sporting merit.

Similarly as regards the activities of 5 national football and the championship of Serie C women’s football, the Board of Directors will propose to the FIGC to apply the same criteria relating to merit or sports demerit. As regards regional activity the Governing Council has instead entrusted the President Sibilia and the other federal councilors in LND quota, with the mandate to request a delegation in favor of the National Amateur League itself, so that based on the territorial realities, the criteria relating to the conclusion of the championships can be adopted. Again with regard to competitive activity, it was decided, reluctantly, that the Beach Soccer championships will not be held for this sporting season.

“We acted with the utmost caution and in compliance with the lines indicated by the Federal Council regarding promotions and relegations in Serie D – commented the number one of the National Amateur League Cosimo Sibiliaaware that it was not at all easy to face the situation taking into account the peculiarities that occurred. I believe that painstaking work has been done, comforted by the unanimity of the vote in the Board of Directors and guided by the principle of sporting merit, which the LND has always followed. I believe there are conditions, also in view of the increasingly desired reform of the Italian football system, of being able to subsequently go to meet the ambitions of those who will have the objective requirements to feed them. Now we await the pronouncement of the maximum body of the FIGC on our proposals. Then finally we can start thinking about the new season, with the hope of starting again stronger and more determined than before “.

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