the little ones divided into groups, distance lessons only for superiors. It starts on 1st September with debt recovery


The school year in class will already begin on September 1 in the classroom for secondary school students who will have to recover from the insufficiencies of this school year so troubled because of the health emergency.

The return will be in class. So the undersecretary Anna Ascani in an interview today on Repubblica.

“The year must start in the presence, in an almost exclusive way. Distance lessons can only be imagined for high school students. ”

To ensure the social distancing measures imposed by the health emergency, it is thought to divide the classes of the youngest into groups “when the former does mathematics, the latter will be in the art laboratory or engaged in sports. We have to expand the offer. ”

For high school students, the return will be subject to the recovery of the deficiencies assigned in the final assessment of the 2019/20 school year and will begin on 1 September.

Then the start date for all, still not established, to be agreed with the regions.

In any case, there will be many problems to face: from safety, to the expansion of the training offer, to the rethinking of teaching, to the additional teachers that will be needed, to the new spaces to be identified.

Months of intense work in which it is hoped that there will not be a resurgence of the health emergency but that will be an opportunity to give a new face to the school.

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