the little girl dies at home


They do drink to daughter baby girl blood of turtle believing to protect her from coronaviruyes, but the baby dies. A child of 5 months she was a victim of parental madness, of Dominican Republic, who gave her blood to drink turtle after one sorcerer he had reassured them that he would protect the child from coronavirus.

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The potion was also drunk by the girl’s 7-year-old sister and the parents themselves, all of whom ended up in hospital. Their conditions are serious, but being bigger and stronger they will manage, while for the smallest there was nothing to do, as also reported by the local press. In the hospital, the parents explained that they produced the drink under the wizard’s advice and that they did it to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Not all the components of the potion are known, but it is not the first case of people who try to fight the virus with strange drinks risking their lives. In the Dominican Republic there have been around 15,800 Covid-19 cases and 474 deaths so far, Haiti instead has 1,063 infected and 31 died from the new virus, according to the latest official data. Therefore, it seems to be mainly misinformation and ignorance that are killing the most.

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